G-Camp for Teachers is a new outreach program for the Department of Geology & Geophysics in the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M. G-Camp will take teachers this summer, and both teachers and incoming A&M freshmen next summer, on two-week geology field trips to study significant geological features.

School of Rock is a teacher workshop organized by the Deep Earth Academy (Consortium for Ocean Leadership) and the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program United States Implementing Organization (IODP-USIO).

Teachers and faculty of the School of Rock 2009 watch a cementing operation.Photo right: Teachers and faculty of the School of Rock 2009 watch a cementing operation. Photo by Elizabeth Abernathy.

Dolphin Challenge is one of two annual university competitions as part of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB)where students answer ocean-related questions about biology, chemistry, geology, physics, history, economics, geography, navigation and current events.

Ocean World is a Texas A&M website created by Robert Stewart, professor of oceanography, that is designed to meet the needs of students, educators and the general public. It offers an extensive resource section, online textbooks and links to real-time oceanographic data. Ocean World is widely known throughout the educational community. Middle and high school teachers and students frequently use the website to learn more about oceanography. A popular feature is “Ask Dr. Bob” where people can submit questions that Stewart answers. The website features topics such as fisheries, satellites, and waves.

Advanced Geospatial Skills in Science and Social Sciences connects geospatially skilled graduate and advanced undergraduate Fellows with science and social science Teachers, grades 6-12, in a collaborative two-year cycle to enhance Teacher and Student knowledge and skills in spatial thinking.

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