About Us imageThe College of Geosciences grants degrees in the disciplines of Atmospheric Sciences, Geography, Geology & Geophysics, and Oceanography, and interdisciplinary degrees in environmental geosciences, environmental studies, geosciences, and water management and hydrologic science.

The Atmospheric Sciences are the sciences of the atmosphere, weather and climate which are so important to human activities and life on this planet.

Geography involves human interaction with physical, biological and cultural environments. As an interdisciplinary field, Geography requires knowledge from the other geosciences as well as from the social and biological sciences.

Geology deals with the processes and forces acting at the surface and within the earth; with the materials of the earth, its forms and structures; and with the history of its development and the evolution of life on its surface and in its waters. Geophysics deals primarily with the physics of the solid earth such as measuring and understanding its internal structure and physical properties, studying plate motions and their effect on continents and ocean basins, and detecting natural resources through remote sensing.

Oceanography is the study of the marine environment and its inhabitants. The distribution and nature of marine life, the development of ocean basins, the chemistry of ocean waters, and the dynamics of the water masses of the sea are the major elements of oceanography. Degrees in oceanography are available only at the graduate level. An undergraduate minor is offered.

The College offers a non-thesis program that leads to the degree of Master of Geoscience - a multi-departmental degree encompassing all aspects of the geosciences. This advanced degree program is especially appropriate for K–12 science teachers and public- and private-sector professionals working in the environmental field.College of Geosciences

Environmental Programs in Geosciences provide a solid foundation in the study of Earth and the natural sciences while incorporating the social sciences and the study of public policy and contemporary environmental issues.

The Texas A&M University Interdisciplinary Water Management and Hydrologic Science Degree Program is administratively housed within the College of Geosciences and offers students a unique master’s and doctoral program that integrates diverse disciplines in water management and hydrologic science.

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